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Queen of the Bands - 1966 - 2015

Year Name Portrayal Band


Joan Gonsalves Queen of the Estrucans                  Mighty River States (W. Samuel)


Gloria Bacchus Mirage in a night sky Journey through the Orient (Bridge Boys)


Stephaine Wilson    Goddess of the Aztec Empire   Epic of the Aztec Empire (R. Ralph)


Norma Chambers Dove Goddess of Crete  Minoan Era of Crete (I. Hunte)


Ann Boyea     Lakimi- Goddess of Prosperity Siam 1275-1675 (L.Hunte)


Merle Sardine Voodoo Queen of New Hebrides Quest in Paradise ( L.Hunte)


Daphne Harold   Sacred Bird of Kyirong Festival a La Tibet (R. Ralph)


Melanie Wilson    Butterfly’s Wife Kabuki Theatre (L. Hunte)


Kareitha Jack  Chiming Bottle Goddess  In the hands of our people (L. Hunte)


Cornelia Arthur   Goddess of the Ivory Kingdom African Splendor (R Knights)


Evelyn Woodley   Queen of the Festival Vincentian Most Colourful Festival (R Ralph)


Petra Soso Venus Phosphorus Mas on the Moon (R Ralph)   


Aileen Browne Mirage    Reflections (L Gonsalves / D Browne) 


Claudette Llewellyn Pandora’s Box     What is to be will be (Dragons)




Marcia Mc Intosh   Obeah Woman Cultural Heritage (Dragons)


Helen Cyrus She Boa Boa…Omen of Snake Dance Mezumbe (L Hunte)


Faye Cato   Northern Lights   Mas ‘ah know yo’ (E John)


Monique Bailey Sun Princess    Seasons (S Yorke)


Jacintha Ballantyne  Fairy Wife of Mellichino   Fantasy in Ritual Carib (S Endeavour / Associates)


Carol Gonsalves   Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire Mouth open Story Jump out (Dragons)


Primadonna Bascombe Star of Wonder, Star of Night   We go Carolling (Dragons)
1987 Eleanor Fergusson Queen Tinkerbelle Extracts from Walt Disney (Nelson Bloc)
1988 Eleanor Fergusson    Splendour of the Moonlight    From Dusk to Dawn (Nelson Bloc)
1989 Carol Gonsalves   Moonlight Peacock Wings – Mirage Productions
1990   Pam Browne Millionaire’s Bath     Through the eyes of a tourist (Dragons)
1991 Eleanor Ferguson    Gold in all its Splendour   Riches of the Earth (Nelson Bloc)
1992 Petra Davy    Come see me make me Mas Colours & Craft (Hairouna Productions)
1993 Rachel Charles   Catch a Fire Tribute to Bob Marley (Dragons)
1994 Yvette Jackson  Joy After the Hattrick (Nelson Bloc)
1995 Keisha Lemmon Rainbow Dance We only Dancing (Nelson Bloc)
1996 Keisha Lemmon Goddess of Light Myths and Legends (Nelson Bloc)
1997 Rachel Charles   Aphrodite  Water World (Dragons)
1998 Rachel Charles   Queen of the Birds   Legend of a Feather (Dragons)
1999 Rachel Charles   The Golden Pagoda  Oriental Journey (Dragons)
2000 Debra Huggins Champagne Cocktail        Cocktail (Mirage Productions)
2001 Shaunelle Mc Kenzie Heat Wave Wave it (Nelson Bloc)    
2002 Jacintha Ballantyne   and Peace shall reign     Equinox (SVG Players International)
2003 Rebecca Gonsalves   Copper Pheasant  Queen / Feather Kingdom (Mirage Productions)
2004 Jacintha Ballantyne   Sunset in Paradise   Viva Las Vegas / (SVG Players International)
2005 Jacintha Ballantyne   Ma-zu - Goddess of the Sea Somewhere in Taiwan (SVG Players Int.)
2006 Semone Richardson  Teaser Kings of the road (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2007 Jenilee Glasgow  Beauty    Beauty Beneath the sea
2008 Semone Richardson  Galaxy on Fire  Party in Space (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2009 Jenilee Glasgow  St. Vincent and the Grenadines   Expo Zaragosa – The world’s extravaganza (SVG Players Int.)
2010 Semone Richardson     We are the World      King of Pop – A tribute to Michael Jackson
2011 Jenilee Glasgow  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  At the Movies (SVG Players International)
2012 Semone Richardson     Costume Jewelry    A Glimpse of Kingstown (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2013 Semone Richardson     Black Gold (Trinidad & Tobago)   Jewels of the Caribbean (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2014 Jenilee Glasgow  Somewhere over the Rainbow    Beyond the Rainbow (SVG Players International)
2015 Semone Richardson     Mirage   Illusion- Never See Come See (Blondie Bird & Friends)


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