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Vincy Mas 2010 PresentationVincy Mas 2010
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Photo hightlights 2010


Dennis Ambrose - Chairman CDCChairman of CDC Message at Prize Giving ceremony of Vincy Mas 2010. This Prize-Giving event is now a historical affair by the CDC, as it is the event which closes the Chapter on VINCY MAS here - at home, for the current year.   As always, it remains a pleasure for me, to make some remarks at this Ceremony... Download PDF Version

Carnival Will Survive and Prosper
Carnival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have undergone many changes over the years and decades of its existence and as time goes on will continue to do so. Now branded as Vincy Mas -The Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean, the festival has grown and is beyond all recognition as to what it was forty years ago. ...Click here for more / Download PDF Version

“The Queen!!  And straightway our minds produce a visual image of beauty, grace and poise.  These attributes most certainly have been what the organizers of the Carnival Queen Show in the early 50’s hoped to find in the contestants.  ...Click here for more / Download PDF Version

Road MArch Song - MaddzartRoad March Results..
.Click Here
Blondie Bird and Friends - Band of the Year 2010...More results
click here
/ Photo Highlights
Offical Jouvert Results ...Click Here

Joy-c - Calypso Monarch 2010Joy-C does it again ... Melbourne Artisans and Blondie Bird take the King and Queen of the Bands all at the Dimanche Gras show...

More results here. / Photo Highlights

04.07.2010 - Skinny fabulous
Skinny Fabulous is the 2010 Soca Monarch
...More results here. / Photo Highlights / More photo Highlights
Miss Carival 2010 - St.LuciaCongratulations to Miss St.Lucia - Iva Satney - Miss Carival 2010
....More results here. / Photo Highlights
Sections of the bands results..
. Click here for more / Photo Highlights
NLA Sion Hill Euphorium Steel Orchestra is the Panorama Champions for 2010
...Click here for more results... / Photo Highlights

30.06.2010 - The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) would like to announce the winners for the Junior Calypso / Soca Competition 2010 held on Tuesday 29th June at the Victoria Park... Click here for more.../ Photo Highlights

Junior Carnival - Shaun YoungSVG Players international and Dragons tie for the coveted title of Junior Band of the Year -Full results
here Click here for more.../ Photo Highlights


firemanFireman is the Ragga Soca Monarch 2010...Click here for more/ / Photo Highlights


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Photo buttongo green for JouvertSoca Monarch Show 2010

Dimanche Gras Show 2010

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