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King of the Bands - 1966 - 2015

Year Name Portrayal Band


Sonny King Splendour of the Fishes                  Ocean Extravaganza (R. Knights)


Freddie Laidlow Chief Sitting Bull Indians of the North and South America (R. Knights)


Alfred “Sonny “Hazell Minos-King of Crete         Minaan Era of Crete ( I. Hunte)


Eddison “ Sheggy” John Demon Bird of Sian Siam 1275-1675 ( L. Hunte)


Raymond “Sevens” Knights   Kublai Khan Travels of Marco Polo (C. Browne)


Ken Browne The Sun God        Realm of the Incas (I. Hunte)


Vibert DeShong Gem of the Antilles          Hairoun- Splendour of Nature ( R. Ralph)


Vibert DeShong A Christmas Tree Christmas Festivity ( R. Knights)


Roy Ralph It Came from Outer Space It’s Just my imagination ( R. Ralph)


Roy Ralph “It”          Vincentian Most Colorful Festival ( R. Ralph)


Roy Ralph Looking at it from up here Mas on the Moon (R. Ralph)


Ken Browne Inheritor of Barclays “Back Street” ( R. Ralph)  


Oxley Lockhart Conqueror of Evil What is to be will be ( Dragons)




Ken Browne Chatoyer Cultural Heritage ( Dragons)


Vibert DeShong Reincarnation of King    Dance Mezumbe ( L. Hutne) Associates


Vibert DeShong Fish Protector of the Caribbean Basin Stages (L. Hunte) Associates


Gordon Boucher Silver Fox Extracts from a Chinese Movie ( Nelson Block)


Roy Ralph The Hurricane   Sometime, Someplace ( Dragons)


Roy Ralph Two Man Rat can’t line in one hole Mouth open, Story Jump out (Dragons)


Elford Charles Bad minds are like forces of Evil. Perilous Road to Glory ( I. Johnson- Wizards)


Vibert DeShong Oil Splash Splash ( Mirage Productions- I. Gonsalves)
1988 Gordon Boucher Break of Dawn

From Dust till Dawn (Nelson Block- A. Hector)

1989 Vibert DeShong Wings of War     Wings Mirage Production (I. Gonsalves)
1990 Basil Charles Earth Creatures Dancing in the moonlight Visions Wiazrds ( I. Johnson)
1991 Trevor De Shong Firebird Utopia (Dragons)
1992 Gordon Boucher Shipwreck SVG Marine Environment ( N. Block)
1993 Gordon Boucher Sunset Pride in our Industry (N. Block)
1994 Trevor Deshong Tinamou- The Serpent Slayer Ebony & Ivory (Mirage Productions)
1995 Roy Ralph The Eclipse Wonders of Nature (Dragons)
1996 Bhisma Browne A Conquerors Dream

El Dorado (Blondie Bird & Friends)

1997 Roy Ralph The Kraken Water World (Dragons)
1998 Garfield Myers Dream Master It’s only a Dream (Wizards)
1999 Garth Niles De Jumbie Leh Go Home Sweet Home (Blondie Bird)
2000 Garth Niles Phantom Menace Mas in the 21st Century (Blondie Bird)
2001 Michael Ollivierre The Blue Dragon Cocktail (Mirage Productions)
2002 Michael Ollivierre Defender of the Crown Money Talks (Mirage Productions)
2003 Michael Ollivierre Epcoatl – The Seashell Serpent Feather Kingdom (Mirage Productions)
2004 Recardo Loric Circus Maximus Viva Las Vegas (SVG Players International)
2005 Garth Niles Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf What is the time? Ring Games (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2006 Andrew Sutherland After Dark Man and his Nature Environment (Dragons)
2007 Atiba Lockhart  Tribute to Athneal the Whalerman Paradise in the Grenadines (Blondie Bird & Friends)
2008 Atiba Lockhart  Jupiter Explorer Blondie Bird & Friends – Party in Space
2009 Atiba Lockhart  Wild meat cook-up Blondie Bird & Friends - Cuisine
2010 Gordon Boucher Shaka – Warrior King of the Zulu From My Carnival Collection- Melbourne Artisan
2011 Ricardo Adams Eruption out of the Ashes Nature’s Fury- Blondie Bird & Friends
2012 Ricardo Adams St. Georges Cathedral A Glimpse of Kingstown- Blondie Bird & Friends
2013 Ricardo Adams Harrison’s Cave Jewels of the Caribbean – Blondie Bird & Friends
2014 Gordon Boucher The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Compliments of the Seasons – Melbourne Artisans
2015 David Llewellyn Eastern Interlude An Eastern Travelogue – Ahrenalin Mas

King of the Bands Fact Sheet

  • This year will be the staging of the 50th King of the Bands Competition which began in 1966.
  • 12 Bands have won the title “King of the Bands”.
  • 22 Individuals have won.
  • Gordon “Tarya” Boucher has made 33 appearances in the King of the Band Competition. He made his first appearance in 1982 with the Band Fuzzy Genius. Boucher made 15 appearances with the Band Nelson Bloc and 17 appearances with Melbourne Artisans. He has made 26 consecutive appearances from the year 1990.
  • There have been 3 father and son appearances in the Competition.
      • Garth Niles and Jelani Niles
      • Oxley Lockhart and Atiba Lockhart
      • Vibert De Shong and Trevor De Shong


          The Most King of the Band Titles/ wins goes to

      • Roy Ralph (Dragons) - 7
      •  Gordon Boucher and Vibert De Shong - 6 each.
      • The top Bands with the most King of the Band Titles:
      • Dragons- 13
      • Blondie Bird & Friends- 10
      • Mirage- 6



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