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Carnival view cards and poster available to the public
26.04.2016 - Lyf Compton

View Cards and Poster 2016
The Carnival Development Corporation's (CDC) 2016 Carnival view cards and poster is available to the general public free of cost.
The five view cards and one poster were launched on Tuesday March 22nd during a press conference that was held at the CDC's conference room in Victoria Park.
This year, the poster was designed by artist Calvert Jones while four of the view cards were designed by graphic artist Sean Young and one by Olivia Stephens (panist from the Potential Steel Orchestra).
Commenting on the promotional items, the CDC's Chairman Dennis Ambrose said that the view cards and poster help tremendously, to carry the message of Vincy Mas to a wide and captive audience around the world.
The poster is made up of components of Vincy Mas like pan, the queen show and mas while the view cards also show components of Carnival like Soca, J'ouvert, t-shirt band, queen show and calypso.

"Along with Social Media, we know that these items reach an extensive audience here and overseas. As of today, the Vincy Mas Poster and the view cards are readily available to everyone", said Ambrose.
He noted that the program of activities which are listed on the back of the view cards, bears some private events and that came about because of an initiative by the CDC.
"You should recall that based on one of the outcomes from a CDC Symposium held about three years ago, the CDC made a commitment that any such private event which has been running for more than five years in a row, the CDC will include those events into the Vincy Mas program. This is because we remain committed to marketing Vincy Mas as a full Carnival experience, and we will therefore continue to embrace the private partners who bring an event which contributes to the spirit of our national festival", said Ambrose.