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Mas Bands can link with CDC website and social media
26.04.2016 - Lyf Compton

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Persons looking to get a glimpse of what is going on for Vincy Mas 2016 can not only come to the Carnival Development Corporation's (CDC) website but can also go to the CDC's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Pages are now being updated to reflect the change that was made for the Miss SVG Show, an event that promises to be great, highlighting the talents of our young ladies.

The program of Rural Activities will be included in the information provided on the website and on Facebook so that every effort is made to get the word out about all the aspects of Vincy Mas 2016.

This year again, the Mas Bands can link to the CDC website and Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose is appealing to all Mas Bands to bring their information to the CDC, "so that we can assist in making their information even more easily accessible to people here and abroad, so that the Bands can build on the participation of potential masqueraders".

"Those bands which do not have their own website, can bring their information to the CDC, so that we can have the webmaster launch their designs and other details on the site. The opportunity is available to you, so kindly make use of it", Ambrose said this week.