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Winston 'Samo' Samuel Band of the Year title up for grabs
01.07.2016 - Lyf Compton

The 2016 Winston 'Samo' Samuel Band of the Year title is up for grabs this Tuesday July 5th and 13 Mas Bands are out to try to take it.

Digicel Nelson Bloc with "Vincy Sweet Vincy Nice" will try to retain the title after winning last year by 560 points.
Also taking part in Tuesday's competition is the 2015 second place winners Guinness, BMC Agencies, Hitz FM 103.7 FM Blondie Bird & Friends with "Sweet Temptation". Blondie Bird earned 543 points last year with, 'Illusion: Never See, Come See'.

Third place last year with 514 points and a presentation called, 'Masquerade' was SVG Players International Mas Band. This year revellers will play, 'Brazil- we going south. Placing fourth last year was Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd. High Voltage Mas Production with 'Candy World' and 492 points. This year High Voltage Mas Production will present, 'All that Lathers'.

In fifth place in 2015 was LIME Ahdrenalin Mas Band with 'An Eastern Travelogue' and 488 points. Now this year FLOW Ahdrenalin Mas Band will do, 'How Dare You?- The Burlesque Sensation'.

The other bands competing for the Winston 'Samo' Samuel Band of the Year title on Tuesday are Melbourne Artisans with 'Tribes Zambezi, Mirage Productions with 'In Full Bloom', Imagination Mas Band with '12 Signs of Zodiac', Tribes Mas Band with 'Drinks at a Cocktail Party', Xtreme Fanatics SVG Mas Band with 'The Empowerment of Chaos-Nature's Gifts & Fury', Xtreme FM 104.3, G&T Enterprise Lynx Mas Band with 'Send This Send That', Hitz FM103.7 Owen Ralph & the Professionals with 'Musical Beats', Beautex International with 'Pride in our Heritage' and Leeward International Mas Band with 'As pretty as a rose' .
Leeward International is a new production while Dragons Mas Band has opted out of this year's competition.