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Miss SVG slated for June 4th
26.04.2016 - Lyf Compton

On Saturday June 4th, eight Vincentian lasses will take to the stage at Carnival City Victoria Park where they will compete for a chance to become Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2016.

The eight young ladies, in training since January 12, 2016 will make five appearances. The introductory appearance will not be judged. The judged appearances are, swimwear (25 points), talent (20 points), evening wear (25 points) and interview (30 points).

Miss SVG 2016 Contestants

Said Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Cheryl Rodriguez, "From our interaction with these young ladies over the past five months we have found them to be courageous, gorgeous, lovable, loving, optimistic, outstanding, unique, passionate, brilliant, confident, talented, dependable, smart, funny, respectful, humble, witty and strong".

Competing on show night are, from Fountain, Shanique Alexander, from Queens Drive Anya Frederick, from Layou Vakeesha John, from Barrouallie Zenna Lewis, from Georgetown Raneasha Loraine, from Old Montrose Dahvana Providence, from Golden Vale Jeanetta Richards and from Lowmans Leeward Nikianna Williams.
The young ladies will be taking part in a prestigious pageant that was first held in 1951 and according to Rodriguez, "queen shows are into their 66th year in SVG and this calls for a big celebration. We thank God for another year and like Peter we say 'Lord if you say so, we will cast our nets again'."

Giving some background on this year's mega show, Rodriguez said that in November 2015 the Beauty Shows Committee met with applicants and since January, the girls have been involved in training sessions which include,
exercise, walking, body conditioning, on stage presentation and pageant choreography. These sessions are being done on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Sean Frederick and Michael Williams.

Talent training deals with, how to build a character profile and getting into character, voice projection, breathing techniques, stage movements and stage direction. The girls are assisted in these categories by Kerry Ottley, Nerissa King, Rodney Small and Delano Charles., Sean Frederick is also assisting the group.

The girls are also receiving training in interview and public speaking which includes, debate on local, regional and international issues, intonation, diction, enunciation and voice projection, importance of grammar, non-verbal communication (facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice), impromptu topics, prepared topics, how to give a media interview, overcoming fear in oral communication, the use of jargon/slangs/clich├ęs and redundancies. These things are being touched on by LaTeisha Sandy on Wednesdays.

Personal/Professional Development is dealt with on Saturdays with Mrs. Rodriguez who covers self-analysis, creating a personal development plan, attitude, deportment, decorum, protocol, social graces, the benefits of telling the truth, self-esteem, self-confidence, body language skills, public speaking, time management, personal hygiene, conduct in private and public life, types of dress, communication skills, and table etiquette. Joyce Burgin has also taught the girls about food and nutrition and professional make-up.

"Our sessions are intense and they are geared towards the holistic development of all the contestants. As the theme suggests, passionate people start their days early, they always have their passions on their minds, they are always excited about their projects, they are doers, they are courageous, they are willing to take risks, they are willing to devote their lives to their dreams, they surround themselves with their work or calling, they are focused, they always think positively they push ahead full throttle", stressed Rodriquez recently.

She added, "while brilliance is subjective, brilliant people solve problems, they are helpful, they do the work, they are generous, they take risks, they shine a light beyond themselves, they do not fit into a box, they find a place for their creativity, they possess a unique perspective, they plan ahead strategically and they do not give up".

About the girls, Rodriguez offers, "You may know them or you may not. All that matters is that they are our very own daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, school friend, co-worker, and lovely human beings both inside and outside. They deserve our support and we appeal to you to encourage them so they can remain focused and do well from here onward".

The winner of Miss SVG will be awarded a University scholarship and it must be noted that since 2004, 12 young women have benefitted from this award which is given by the Government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The winners of scholarships from 2004 to 2015 are, Javorne Williams-2004, Casynella Ollivierre-2005, Sheridan Lewis-2006, Melissa Yorke-2007, Ronique Dellimore-2008, Veronique Williiams-2009, Aphesha Matthews-2010, Aviar Charles-2011, Carice Glasgow-2012, Shara George- 2013, Shadeisha George-2014 and De Yonte Mayers-2015.

In addition to the award of a University scholarship, the winner of Miss SVG is given the opportunity by the CDC to represent the country in the prestigious annual Miss CARIVAL pageant and other overseas pageants.

"We expect the performances from all contestants to be entertaining, with a profound message and of a high standard. Over the next few days we will continue to work with them to ensure that patrons are treated to another exciting and high quality production this year.

The Shows Committee, headed by Marlon Stephenson and all our members are in the process of finalizing the show content with guest and featured artistes", revealed Rodriguez.
She added, "to all the fans, support your home queen, it means a lot to them. I am giving you long notice to get the outfits ready, ladies, hair and nails done.

To the contestants, remember what we teach you and practice, practice, practice. We are proud of you and we expect your best. Joel Osteen said, 'You are full of potential. You are overflowing with creativity. There's nothing in your heart that you cannot accomplish'."

Oprah Winfrey also said, 'you become what you believe. You are where you are today in your life based on everything you have believed'.

Carry these words in your heart every day 'God's anointing and favor are on my life'."

Rodriguez goes on, "to all of us, Miss SVG is an important aspect of our culture. Let us continue to work together to build on what we have".

So far, the girls have made a number of trips and visits to various places. On Easter Monday March 28th, they went to Bequia and on May 1st they are expected to attend Mass at the St John's Roman Catholic Church, Mesopotamia.
ON May 7th 2016, they will make their first public appearance at which time they will be sashed by their sponsors at the official launching of Vincy Mas2016.

On May 14th, from 8 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., the girls will meet with the Media at the Young Island Resorts Ltd while they will also go on a road trip to the Windward side of the island reaching as far Sandy Bay on that day.

On May 15, a similar road trip to the Leeward side of the island reaching up to Chateaubelair will be made while the girls will attend Fisherman's Day Prize-giving at Calliaqua on May. On May 18th, a visit to the School for Children with Special Needs and Helping Hands Centre will be done while on May 21st, an official motorcade around Kingstown will take place.

The pageant is being held under the theme, "A combination of passion and brilliance."