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Lawman promises safe Vincy Mas
06.05.2016 - Lyf Compton

Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP) Christopher Benjamin has promised Carnival lovers a safe Vincy Mas 2016.

Speaking at a Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) press conference at Victoria Park this week, the ACP said that despite security being a challenge during the country's premier national festival, the police is committed to doing its best.

"With all these activities security will always be a challenge, however great causes are not won by doubtful minds. This is our country, this is our culture and this is our Mas and we promote the hottest carnival in the region and security is of paramount importance", said ACP Christopher.
He added, "We selling something so it must be secure. Carnival 2015 was a success and we can allude to that if you look back, the crime rate definitely was down and we didn't have any major incidents. With this I must applaud all the components that contribute to Vincy Mas, all the stakeholders and the general public, we the police force thank you for your support".
The lawman stressed that Carnival 2016 is here and the local constabulary is looking forward to the same level of support that was exhibited in 2015.

"The police cannot do it alone, security is everybody's business so we have to work together. We have to support each other in this regard", he said while adding that there will be a heightened police presence on our streets.