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FLOW Vincy Mas 2016
01.07.2016 - Lyf Compton


Telecommunications company FLOW’s contribution to Vincy Mas 2016 was tremendous and provided a huge boost to the Carnival season.
From their contribution to the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) to the input made by the various FLOW ambassadors, FLOW’s contribution saw the company throwing over half a million dollars into the country’s premier festival.

Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at FLOW Nikala Williams said that the company is extremely happy to play such a huge part in making Vincy Mas a success.
Williams said that the company’s contribution was huge and widespread. Sponsorship was given to a number of private shows, rural carnivals, various musicians and almost every aspect of Vincy Mas.
“Country Meets Town was one of only two and the biggest J’ouvert band on the road so thanks to FLOW, J’ouvert is still alive and well attended while our sponsorship of the various ambassadors help contribute to the standard of music for the season and ensured it was taken to a much higher level”, said Williams on Wednesday, one day after the end of Vincy Mas 2016.

Two of FLOW’s ambassadors, Shane ‘Hypa 4000’ Husbands and Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper placed first and third respectively in the National Soca Monarch competition. Hypa 4000 also won the National Road March title with his song ‘No Behaviour’. Miss FLOW Nikianna Williams won the Miss SVG crown and placed third in the Miss Carival pageant while FLOW Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra walked away with the Panorama title.

Williams said that among the events and aspects of Vincy Mas that FLOW contributed to are Hot 97.1 FM’s Wet Fete, Hitz FM’s Soca Swing, Soca on the Beach, Dirty Sexy Soca, Pumpin, RUM, AM, Soiree, Stranded on the Beach, FlOW Ahdrenalin Mas Band, Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, FLOW Island Network Monday Band, Mojito, Mespo Night Mas, North Leeward Carnival, Bequia jump up, East St George Carnival, Dejavu, a concert series on Boom FM while support was also given to the various Calypso tents by paying the rental fee for the Russell Auditorium.
FLOW, in conjunction with VC3, also provided Pay per view services for a number of shows held at Victoria Park.
“In 2017, Vincentians can expect continued support and investment to ensure that the quality and standard of Vincy Mas is maintained. This will in turn guarantee a continued increase of visitors and returning nationals to support the hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”, stressed Williams.

She added that now Vincy Mas is over, FLOW will continue to support other aspects of Vincentian culture and increase the focus on education and youth development during the summer as, “this is how we FLOW’.