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CDC Chairman endorses all Carnival activities
02.06.2016 - Lyf Compton

Dennis AmbroseA few weeks ago, the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) launched Vincy Mas at Carnival City, Victoria Park and this marked a major successful event on the calendar of the activities for Carnival 2016.
According to Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose, coming out of the launch of Vincy Mas, there were a number of winners and, "I wish to congratulate them".
Two women, took home the three crowns up for grabs at the launch of Vincy Mas 2016 on Saturday May 7th at Carnival City, Victoria Park.

Aurella 'Kahalia' Beache and Cleo 'Cleopatra' Hendrickson showed that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Calypso and Soca arenas when Kahalia won the Carnival Development Corporation's (CDC) Best New Song Ragga Soca and Best New Song Soca competitions and Cleopatra took home the Best New Song Calypso crown.
Alexander Christopher 'Lil Chris' John is the winner of the first ever FLOW Disc Jockey Competition.
Ambrose, speaking this week also congratulated the Mas Bands who did a combined launch on Saturday May 28th during the Xtreme Carnival Blast at Victoria Park. The YouLou Pan Movement also launched their 2016 activities at the Bayview Car Park on Sunday May 29th.
"We wish these Components all the best. We hope that these events will be better supported in the years to come. These two components play a very pivotal role in Carnival and need to maintain their stake in the National Festival", said Ambrose.
He added, "The Calypso Tents are in full swing. The preliminaries will begin next week. We are again asking the public to come out and support these events. We have an obligation to keep this art-form alive, it is uniquely Caribbean and we need to add more consistent support. Many of the artistes make great financial sacrifices, in having their recordings done, it would be more satisfying to see a far better public response".
The CDC Chair went on to say, "Soca artistes have a similar fate. We continue to appeal to the radio Stations and DJs to play more local music to give our own artistes a greater opportunity to reap some rewards for all their efforts and investment in producing their CDs".
Ambrose also noted that the Carnival Calendar continues with Fantastic Friday on June 24th and according to him, "this is the kick-off to real heat and intensity of Carnival".
The CDC Chair is encouraging persons to come out and support the events of the festival and to register early with the various costume Mas Bands as, "2016 promises to be a great year for Vincy Mas".
Said the Chairman, "Our J'ouvert and Monday Afternoon activities have mushroomed and literally exploded with participation, and it is clear that everyone at these events has a great Vincy Mas time.
We would like to remind the public that the no glass bottle policy is firmly in place for everyone, everywhere. Even for performers on the stage. This is for your safety and the safety of others. We want to keep our Carnival free of injury and free of prosecution. We aim to have a violence free festival. We hold a very good and proud track-record and we would very much like to maintain that status. We have every confidence that together, we can do this.
We also want to inform patrons to avoid encroaching on the restricted area in front of the stage. You are putting yourself at risk, if you take it upon yourself to go beyond this barrier. Please listen to the instructions given by the DJs and MCs please read the signs placed at marked areas and adhere to those instructions. Again, this exercise is one of personal responsibility, and we expect that all patrons will comply".
The media has also come in for high praises from Ambrose who said, "the media has been doing a great job thus far, in helping us to promote the activities of Vincy Mas. We urge them to keep the message going. Let's hope we have fair weather for all our events".
"To the Sponsors of Vincy Mas, the CDC wishes to thank you for your generous contributions", noted Ambrose while reminding persons of Sunday June 5th which will see Victoria Park come to life with 'Soca Swing', a show that will showcase the talent of our local artiste.