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Carnival launch slated for May 7
26.04.2016 - Lyf Compton

On Saturday May 7th, the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) will host the launch of Carnival at Victoria Park.

"We are expecting our usual massive crowd. This is an event which promises to be as grand as it can get. The well-anticipated Windward-Leeward whistle-stops have become a tradition which will be available again this year", said the CDC's Chairman Dennis Ambrose this week.

He said that the launch gives Vincentians a glimpse of what's to come for Vincy Mas while the various new song competitions will be held.

Following the launch of Carnival, the Rural Activities will commence. The programs are still being developed, and as they become finalized, the CDC will inform the general public and will update the information on the website and social media platforms.

"We continue to encourage everyone to try to keep up with these rural events, because of their good entertainment value. They carry a strong community base which help to build the momentum to the more major aspects of the Carnival festival, and overall, to sustain the spirit of Carnival", said Ambrose.
The Calypso tents will begin early this year and as usual, the CDC is sending a strong appeal for persons to support these events.

"Calypso is one of our best Caribbean social and entertainment forums. Let's try our best to strengthen this art-form by lending support to the unique craft", said Ambrose while adding, "Carnival remains a big industry in many countries. It is one that is highly competitive in building the tourism sector, and it is certainly one that is near and dear to the heart of our economy.

We therefore need to help each other by continuing to work together, strengthen our efforts, portray good attitude towards our nation building and make the best of the grand opportunity of this Festival to promote St. Vincent and the Grenadines".

The CDC Chairman noted that the components (Pan, Calypso and Mas) make tremendous sacrifices to bring a great product to Vincy Mas each year and the CDC will spare no effort to help to showcase this in a positive way.