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22 Calypsonians chosen for Fantastic Friday
14.06.2016 - Lyf Compton

The 22 c­alypsonians that will take part in the Calypso Semi-finals dubbed Fantastic Friday have been chosen.
Competing for a chance to take the crown from last year's Calypso Monarch Zamfir 'Man Zangie' Adams who also won in 2014 are:

From the Dynamites Calypso Tent: Joel 'Navel String' Bartholomew, Dennis Bowman, John 'The Truth' Dougan and Primadonna Bascombe.

From the Graduates Calypso Tent: Chewalee Johnson, Glenroy 'Sulle' Caesar, Glenroy 'Homey' Delpesche, Kingsley 'Hero' Roberts and Maxwell 'Tajoe' Francis.

From the On Tour Calypso Tent: Grantley 'Ipa' Constance, Elvis 'Abijah' Abbey, Kenneth 'Vibrating Scakes' Alleyne, Robert 'Patches' King, Wendell 'Speeshie' Goodrich and Ronald 'Chico B' Cato.

From The Upstage Experience, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie, Jerome 'Parry' Samuel, Shernelle 'Skarpyon' Williams, Ronald 'Ron B' Browne, Cleopatra 'Cleopatra' Hendrickson, Brian 'Sprinter' John and Fitzroy 'Bro Ebony' Joseph.

The reserves are Vivian 'I Come' Miller and Carlos David 'Chang I' Morgan.

The semi-finals take place on Friday June 24th at Victoria Park.